Charming Dorsey Chapel Wedding

Charming Dorsey Chapel Wedding Photographer. Alkita and Byron met through their mutual friend June.

June shared Byron’s social media information with Alkita. Alkita thought Byron was handsome and gave June her blessing to share her number. Byron called Alkita every day for a week and they planned their first date for the following weekend.

For their first date, Byron and Alkita met for dinner at Cava Mezza in DC. The conversation flowed and they shared plenty of laughs. Byron was planning to meet with his college friends after dinner to celebrate a birthday. He didn’t want the date to end so he invited Alkita to meet his friends. This was definitely a great start for the first date and many dates to come.

After a year or dating exclusively, Byron proposed to Alkita on a surprise cruise trip. It was so much of a surprise that Alkita didn’t know that she was being proposed to. Byron wound up proposing a second time while on the cruise. After the second proposal Alkita said yes!

Byron and Alkita originally wanted to have a courthouse wedding, small and intimate. The couple decided to have a small ceremony and write our vows at Dorsey Chapel. The chapel is intimate and gave the traditional feel for a ceremony the couple desired.

Alkita and Byron’s honeymoon plans are to visit Florence and Venice Italy. What are they most looking forward to as a married couple? Spending the rest of their lives together.

Enjoy a few of the images captured from their wedding day. Contact Us for your Charming Dorsey Chapel Wedding.

Charming Dorsey Chapel Wedding
Ceremony Vow Exchange
Charming Dorsey Chapel Wedding
First Kiss
Wiping away tears of happiness
Charming Dorsey Chapel Wedding
Charming Dorsey Chapel Wedding
Beautiful Bridal Portrait
Bridal Party Celebration
Bride and Groom Candid Moment
Groomsmen Congratulations
Charming Dorsey Chapel Wedding
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